The Vulcans to Appear at Susquehanna Folk Coffeehouse

Members of The Vulcans head back to college, continue to work on recording

School’s back in session for members of The Vulcans, a popular coffeehouse band seen regularly during the summer months at such venues as Juice & Java in Mechanicsburg and the Courthouse Common in Carlisle.

The band is known for their signature folk-rock sound characterized by close vocal harmonies, a mix of folk instruments including guitar, mandolin, banjo and harmonica, and percussive foot stomping. The group plays originals as well as covers by performers such as the Avett Brothers and Bob Dylan.

Band members John Thomas and Aaron Spangler, from Mechanicsburg, are both seniors at colleges in the Philly area. These days they are hitting the books pretty hard, but they plan on keeping the band’s momentum going by continuing to record new material. In the past few weeks the group put up their first single “Someone I Used to Know” on their MySpace page, and they hope to create an EP with an additional seven or eight originals.

 The pair writes songs collaboratively with Aaron handling the basic storyline and John adding “moodiness” to the narrative. “When we looked at the songs that we had written we realized that they were all about change and transition” says Aaron. “We want the theme of the EP to be about being on the verge of something new while simultaneously looking back at yourself to see where you came from.”

 The band is riding the wave of an increased interest in folk and acoustic music. “There seems to be a lot more young people who are getting into the folk sound with fiddles and banjos,” says John “The music is not going to blind you with guitar solos, but it’s simple and it’s real. It just feels so much more honest than some of the stuff that’s being played on the radio.”

 Beyond playing out and recording, The Vulcans have also created a series of You Tube videos. They are big fans of French filmmaker Vincent Moon who is known for his field work with filming indie rock musicians. “We wanted to replicate Moon’s style in our videos by creating something that is artistic but at the same time candid,” says Aaron. The group has produced several You Tube videos showing them playing outside in an alleys or along railroad grades. “We are mainly a music act, but at the same time we want to present something visually to our fans as well,” he adds.

 Currently, the band is taking time to work in a third member Nick Linsay, who plays piano and guitar. The group will be making periodic visits to the mid-state and hopes to play at some Harrisburg’s festivals next summer. Theywill be playing at the Susquehanna Folk Coffeehouse on Saturday, October 23rd. The coffeehouse runs from 7-10 and will be held at Fort Hunter Barn in Harrisburg.

Written by Jess Hayden.  Published in the Sentinel on September 16, 2010

For more on the Vulcans, visit them at or


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