Pete & Maura Kennedy to play in Harrisburg, January 31st

New York-based Pete and Maura Kennedy, whose musical career spans two decades and a broad musical landscape, come to Harrisburg’s Fort Hunter Centennial Barn, 5300 N. Front Street, on Saturday, January 31, for a 7:30 p.m. concert sponsored by Susquehanna Folk Music Society.

643_TheKennedysfinal3643_TheKennedysfinal1The 7:30 p.m. concert will be preceded by a free 6 p.m. potluck dinner. Bring a covered dish to share. Drinks and place settings will be provided.

Concert tickets are $22 General Admission, $18 for SFMS members and $10 for students ages 3-22. Advance tickets are available through Brown Paper Tickets online at or toll-free (800) 838-3006.

For more information, visit the Susquehanna Folk Music Society website at

Some of you may have followed the Kennedys for many years, while some of you may be less familiar with this group. On January 27, 2015I did the below interview with Pete Kennedy. Take a look and you’ll be able to learn what this enduring duo is up to!

FOLKMAMA: How did you and Maura meet?

PETE KENNEDY: We met in Austin Texas, in 1992. I was playing in Nanci Griffith’s band, and I had a few days off so I went to Austin to play a couple of gigs on my own. A mutual friend introduced me to Maura, and we hit it off right away, as soon as we sang together and sensed that our musical taste and style was a perfect match up.

I left town to play a show up in Telluride, Colorado, and afterwards I phoned Maura down in Texas. We decided to meet up at the equidistant point. That turned out to be Lubbock Texas, and since we both love Buddy Holly, we decided that we would each drive the 500 miles solo from Colorado and Austin, and meet at Holly’s grave. So that was our first date!

Shortly after that, Nanci had an opening for a harmony singer in her band, so Maura joined and we developed our duo act by opening or Nanci all over England, Ireland and Scotland.

FOLKMAMA: How do you describe your music?

PETE KENNEDY: Our music is described by others as folk-rock, acoustic roots, and Americana, so any one of those will do!

FOLK MAMA: What kinds of experience would you expect audience members to have at one of your concerts?

PETE KENNEDY: Our hope is that the audience finds the concert experience uplifting and empowering. Our songs have a positive, encouraging vibe, and being a duo, we have a more energetic stage presence than a solo sit-down folk singer.

FOLKMAMA: What are some songs of yours, in particular, that are real crowd pleasers?

PETE KENNEDY: The two favorite older songs of ours are our usual opening song, “Life is Large” and our closing song, “Stand”.

FOLKMAMA: You have three new albums coming out shortly. How much of Saturday’s concert will be the new material and how much will be older material and covers?

PETE KENNEDY: We expect to do about one third new songs, one third request from the audience, and the remainder whatever feels right at the moment, including some instrumental songs on guitar and ukulele.

We don’t use a standard set list, because we like each show to be different and spontaneous.

FOLKMAMA: You’re known for adding a lot of variety to your shows. What gear can we expect to find up on stage with you?


PETE KENNEDY: Well Maura will be on her plugged in acoustic Gibson. I’ll be on any number of things, possibly the Gretsch or Rickenbacker (they harken back to The Beatles) and of course the ukulele for a little Gershwin!




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