Erica Lyn Everest, Talented Young Jazz Vocalist

Back in the 1930s, 40s and 50s gutsy young female musicians
like Billie Holiday and Ella Fitzgerald were setting the standards for what great
jazz and blues singing was all about. Now, more than a half century later, their
work continues to inspire talented young vocalists such as Harrisburg native Erica
Lyn Everest.  “I’m 23 years old.  I know it’s really unusual for someone my age
to be interested in early jazz and blues” Everest says, “But I just really like
the old jazz standards and the older singers. The most influential vocalists in my life have been jazz singers.”

Everest has been singing for audiences since she entered
grade school. As a little girl, she sang the national anthem for school and
professional sports teams, entertained government and civic organizations, sang
for various churches, enjoyed local musical theatre, and was a solo presence on
several recordings.

She first developed a love of jazz and blues during a two year stint as lead singer with the
Pennsylvania Friends of Jazz (CPFJ) Youth All-Star Band. This group, led by Ron
Waters, introduces school aged musicians to jazz orchestration and improvisation.
While in the band Everest performed at venues such as Artsfest and the Central
PA Jazz Festival and was able to expand her jazz standards repertoire. She says
being mentored by director Ron Waters was important to her as was playing with
other talented young musicians such as saxophonist and composer Jonathan
Ragonese , who has helped her to get into the local music scene. She’s also
been lucky enough to sit in occasionally with jazz pianist Steve Rudolph during
gigs at the Hilton Hotel in Harrisburg.

Throughout the years Everest has developed a beautiful, sultry voice that lends itself well to the jazz and blues songs that she loves. She
keeps pretty busy performing at corporate function (like for the American Heart
Association’s Black Tie Ball) and at bars, coffeehouses and restaurants. She plays
with drummer John Tuzza and guitarist Ken Geist and the group generally gets
rounded out by a bass player as well. They just completed a demo  CD which she will take with her to Los Angeles
on an upcoming business related trip. “I’m looking to get signed to a record
label or anything,” she said. “I’d just like to get my name out there, be
heard, and maybe get someone to critique the music.”

The Erica Lyn Everest Band will be playing at numerous mid-state venues during the summer months including at the Colonial Lounge,
Harrisburg on June 10th, at the Whole Cannoli, Camp Hill on 6/11, at Stage on Herr, Harrisburg on 7/2, at Suba Tapas, Harrisburg on 7/8 and at the
Market Cross Pub, Carlisle on 8/5. For more information visit Everest’s website